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2005-03-06, 13:02

In the Aspen Times, as the band is playing soon in Aspen, and have promised to dedicate their show there to Hunter S. Thompson.

For those of you not paying attention to some of my previous posts, or new around here, the band is The Radiators, of course. The article is written by someone who's been a fan as long as I have (since the early 1980's).

There are articles written fairly regularly about The Radiators, but this one is simply the best one I've ever seen, with lots of insight and info and a good interview with the lead guitarist, Dave Malone.

After 27 years, the band is no nostalgia act that relies solely on old songs and aged fans. One accomplishment is the mere fact of survival. Malone can point to just two bands - ZZ Top and Los Lobos - who have lasted as long, uninterrupted, with essentially the same personnel. Another is that Malone believes the Rads are better than they've ever been, and still plowing new ground.
That's no BS, folks - I can think of other bands that I've been a fan of for more than 25 years, but they have all hit their plateau years ago and are just going through the motions now, if in fact they are even still touring. The Rads, OTOH, just keep getting better and better, every time I see them.

They're the World's Greatest Live Rock n Roll Band, and you can still see them play in a bar with a crowd of hundreds, instead of thousands. In fact, you could see them four nights in a row and they would not repeat a single song - not even the Grateful Dead in their prime could do that.

Don't miss the opportunity to see them if you get one!