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2019-09-20, 09:56

I'm really annoyed too because I left it in the reach of my little one and they pulled it down on the fireplace. It's only a single long crack across the middle of the screen, but it is really noticeable when you touch/interact with the screen. It's also the Mid-2017 10.5" so it isn't the most modern but yet still works great for my needs. Now a screen replacement is $450.

I could double that and just get a new iPad, but then this one is still good other than the crack and I would feel like it's a waste to recycle it. Apple won't give me anything for it since there is a crack in the glass.

The first time I broke it I dropped It on stone stairs outside of a church playing Pokemon Go. At least then it was me to dropped it. I can't blame my little one because he really had no idea what he was doing.

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