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2019-05-28, 06:22

Creating compelling, unique, consistently published content is a job. I would recommend dropping no fewer than one article every week. If you avoid chasing rumors then you can build up a backlog of articles for several months before begining releasing them to the public in order to continue feeding the beast.

The content challenge is that there are already several good, well-established general Mac-user sites with established ad revenue to help pay for content.

If we aim for a speculation theme it would need to be more long-term oriented, to jump away from the "what will the next iPhone look like" crowd.

Technically speaking, To do anything serious you need a real coder working on a legitimate CMS platform, hardened, with backup. Dreamweaver is the last way to go. It's a mild cost. If you have the Brad Signal you might get him in here to give some guidance.