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2005-05-10, 00:33


Exactly how many wavelengths are we entitled to? I'd imagine there's a finite amount of wavelengths that we can use without creating interferences or whatnots, but dunno how many are available?

However, I do think its a bit odd that all of sudden FCC wants to reauction analog wavelengths; as atomicbartbeans said, isn't higher wavelengths supposed to be better?

Seems to me there's more to it than just DMCA and broadcast flag....
Heck, if they wanted to, auction off gamma ray ranges! Mircoware (make it so that when you turn on your mircowave to nuke your breakfast burrito, you can view the latest play in NFL)! Visible color spectrum (think Northern Lights in Hawaii)! Aw, hell with it, lets sell them all! :roll: