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2004-09-11, 12:07

We are thinking of having an advice column (like "Dear Abby") here at AppleNova. At least, we feel such a column would be worth a try.

BUT...we need *YOUR* letters asking for advice. heh. (Funny how that works. )

SO.....please think of some questions for which you might need a little friendly advice.

For now, PM your questions to me. If you do not wish your name used for publication, please say so in the PM.

A few points:

~ In case we get a 'flood' of letters asking for advice, we need to make it clear that not *all* letters will be published or acknowledged.

~ None of the AppleNova staff who might hand out advice in response to these letters is a professional psychologist.

Our comments will be just that - "friendly advice" - nothing more. Still, we hope that what we say might give you a little perpective on your particular difficulty.

~ Even if we choose to publish your letter, it might not appear for a few weeks. This column won't be a 'daily', but might be 'refreshed' only every week or two.

~ Again, for now, PM questions to me. (This thread will be locked so questions cannot be posted here.)

Thanks for reading this.