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2004-09-27, 00:10

I got this new program, Butler, It seemed to be a very capable, powerful, and useful program for greater control of your computer through menu items and key commands. While I was tinkering with it to find out if I could make specific applications hot-key activated, I somehow managed to make a hot key to open
every single application in my applications folder!

You can only imagine my the horror my computer must have felt.

There was at least 70 applications running while more were opening, I think the total was around 80, and I'm sure it would have been a lot more because not only was it opening applications, it was also opening folders and the applications inside them. I have 63 items in my applications folder, 40 applications 23 folders, inside those folders are god knows how many things to open.

I really wanted to stick it out and wait for everything to load, so that I could take a screenshot, but honestly, my computer would have been working harder than it's ever worked all night long, and even then, it'd probably be running so slowly that taking a screenshot would be frustrating and difficult.

So, Butler is a neat looking program, but don't mess up when using it!