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2016-02-22, 20:05

This one connector is making this such a pain to find the right PSU. I don't need much power. A 350W PSU is more than enough for this system but I can't find anything that will work for it because my CPU wants two +12V feeds.

I'm trying to be cheap because Junior is really only a host for the MC server. I don't do a thing with it even though it's connected to the TV for Media Center functions.


For those curious, Junior is an i7 860 on an Intel motherboard with 12GB DDR3 RAM, ATI 5450, one SSD and one 7200RPM 3.5" HDD. There are also two optical drives, one BR and one DVD. All I need is one 24 (20+4 is fine) MB connector, two 4pin +12V for my CPU and 4 SATA power connectors.

As for if I need money, I have to say that I'm on a very tight budget at the moment and wouldn't mind the help if it's being offered to bring Junior back to life.

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