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2018-04-12, 19:23

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I was checking out the latest snapshot of 1.13 and the changes to water colors are pretty significant – most noticeable in the now yellowish-cast Swampland biome. So, unless I want my Museum aquariums and fountains to look like they're piped in from the urinals, I think I'm going to take you up on that.

So I can get a handle on area: is your code based on changing the 16x16 chunks or can it go along any X/Z coord?
I got you the finest-grain control down to individual X/Z coordinates!

That does remind me; before too long I'll need to update the ol' resource pack. Definitely it needs some attention before 1.13 drops, and to be honest, I probably should take a quick look at things I know I've missed that were new to 1.12.

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