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2019-11-18, 18:07

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(Is anyone gonna mention the elephant in the room that all these have a problematic keyboard?)
Well, that's part b of all this. If I drag this out long enough, the thing I talked about in that other thread (the new 16" MacBook Pro, and if that new keyboard design will funnel down to the other, smaller models sooner vs. later) may factor in. I don't know why it would take them until next fall to do it, so I'm hoping not. But if January/February gets here and the grapevine is yammering about new updated Airs and 13" (14"?) Pros on the horizon (Q1 or first half of 2020), and with the new keyboard design, then I'd just wait a little. I don't want to buy something with a problem if the timing worked out in such a way that I could just sit tight.

I don't know.

Do you see now why I used an August 2007 release iMac from September 2008 until August 2019? I hate this stuff (decision-making, spending money, trying to find that sweet spot to purchase, scanning the refurb section 19 times a day, etc.). I'm still using my iPhone SE, that I got in April 2016. My overall goal/stance on tech is to buy it and use the crap out of it for as long as possible. The idea of upgrading/replacing every 2-4 years just isn't how I go about it. Although I'll admit that I probably pushed it with iMac. Although, 11 years of solid, daily use - and 12 years of actual age/specs - is pretty impressive. Like those commercials you've seen where someone's had a Ford truck for 600,000 miles or whatever. Wasn't my plan, just saw no need to update unless I had to. Until 2-3 months ago, I never had too.

I'm frugal/practical almost to the point of idiocy.