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2017-05-18, 10:36

Seems to me 709 found one. I've raided one (with the group) and they're quite the pain in the ass. No loot worth the trouble, no resources worth the trouble. Basically a titanic pain that isn't worth the time.

I think there were five or six of us (Brad, 709, myself, Jess, I forget who else—sorry) and all of us died multiple times. Definitely a challenge, but only for the sake of challenge. Nothing in those things is worth the effort other than "I did it!"

It would be different if there was some new block in there that screamed "you want me!!" Nope, nothing. There is that new healing thing, but you always have to be holding it, and by the time you get done you've used them all up.

At least that was my experience. For me, you've seen it once, you've seen it a million times.

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