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2011-03-21, 20:16

SINISTER |ˈsinistər|
1 giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen : there was something sinister about that murmuring voice.
• wicked or criminal.

2 [ attrib. ] archaic & Heraldry of, on, or toward the left-hand side (in a coat of arms, from the bearer's point of view, i.e., the right as it is depicted). The opposite of DEXTER.

sinisterly |ˈsɪn1stərli| adverb
sinisterness |ˈsɪn1stərnəs| noun

ORIGIN late Middle English (in the sense [malicious, underhanded] ): from Old French sinistre or Latin sinister ‘left.’
* via New Oxford American Dictionary - via Mac built-in dictionary app

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