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2006-04-01, 19:34

Originally Posted by Mugge
That's an 8,86 % increase in price, which very nicely matches the 9,28 % increase in clock speed and the extra 128 MB VRAM. Looks like the 2 Ghz model is not as economically unrational as I thought from earlier forum discussions, which I haven't been able to find via search (ok. I suck at search ).
I'm quite tired, so I'll keep this short;

1- the 9.28% performance increase is applied to the top of the proc's performance, meaning that you'll only see it when the processor is used at (or near) 100% capacity, which, considering you say you can get by with an iBook, you'll probably hardly ever need. A (not terribly good) analogy would be a car that can go 0-100 9.28% faster. Sure it's faster, but since you're not a formula 1 driver, how often do you "floor it" when driving?

2- I am of the opinion that the search function in AN isn't really that good (*ducks*, sorry Brad), so I don't think you suck at searching...

3- However, I am of the opinion that people should always buy the best/fastest computer that fits in their budget, CPU power changes so fast that, who knows, maybe the extra 117MHz will keep it useful for that much longer.

4- Maybe I didn't make much sense to you. In that case, I apologize in advance...