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Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2021-11-09, 08:39

Two years from now, none of this will have panned out and none of it will be a thing, outside a handful of people. Just watch.

I just don’t think this outfit is the one people will throw in with. There’s just something forever-creepy/lame about them. Too much ill will, “you can’t trust us” and “WTF?!” just hangs over this bunch.

All this company is good for is that one thing they’re known for, and once its addicted, older-skewing base dies off (or finally realize what’s what), this goofy company will fade like a fart in Macy’s.

It’ll be the 2020’s MySpace, I truly believe. There’s just nothing there. Its deluded CEO thinks far too highly of it.