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2011-07-11, 08:23

I have been looking forward to making this public for a while. I've had to work through some stuff to make this a worthwhile project. So here I give you my biggest contribution to our MineCraft world:

As you would imagine, you can zoom in and out and see all the latest projects. I will generally keep the map rendered once a week or so but attempt to keep the players updated nightly. I'm still working out the bugs on this, but should have it totally automated in short order.

With this mapping program you can display special signs!
Special Signs

'Special' signs are those that begin and end with one of these characters:
! # - = ~
So the following sign would show up on the map:
----------- someone's house ----------
# my place! #
~ long sign on four lines ~
I currently have the players in view limited to the players on our white-list. If you really don't want yourself visible in the map, PM me a compelling reason you shouldn't be visible and I'll edit the list for my generation purposes to remove you from the map.

Choose between day or night in the upper right corner. Choose which options you'd like to have displayed in the bottom right corner. Have fun exploring your world!

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