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2011-07-11, 19:19

So, for those wondering why this might seem like a task, Brad had to really help me out with this. Here is the answer to his question:

18.26 GB on disk (17,729,995,127 bytes) for 249,469 items

Yeah, so this was a pain to get onto the server to say the least. It takes minimum of 5 hours to render the maps. Uploading via FTP took more than a day.

Thus my thread about rsync and other transfer options. After getting home today I pulled the world files because no one was on so I could test render and rsync. Using the same cache as before it only took 46 minutes to do the partial render. I'm currently doing the rsync but am not timing it this time.

Anyway, thank you for the compliments guys. I do hope you all enjoy the maps. Maybe we'll get some more love from the non-MC guys here at AN.

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