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2004-07-29, 13:35

My girlfriend is running an old Gateway that by all logic should have been dead years ago, however, it has kept chugging against all odds. So she figures the time has come to get a new computer. She looked at a bunch of Dells because she wanted a black computer with a flat panel display.

I suggested that she check out notebooks because she's in college, and it would be better for her to have a computer that she could take home when she went home on weekends. So she checked out a few Dell notebooks and asked my advice on what she should get (the blessing/curse of being the resident computer geek in my family, and now hers as well)

I looked at the things in her price range (think: iBook) and was extremely unimpressed by Dell's offerings. So I took the plunge and suggested a Mac (which she had already sworn off). She didn't seem too keen on the idea right away, but than I showed her some of the iBook offerings and she seemed to like them. More importantly, she likes the white look.

I let her mess around with my PowerBook a few times, and she's obviously new at the Mac thing, but she picks things up quickly. Not only that, but the fact that MS Word is available, Safari blocks pop ups, Mail has a junk filter, and iPhoto (she loved iPhoto). All those things convinced her more.

Point is, she's still a little iffy. Any killer features of OS X I should show her, any cool apps that I might not have? The real point of all this, what configuration should I recommend to her? She doesn't care much about screen size, she won't need too much RAM, she wants a big HD (she's gonna go with the 60gig).

Actually, now that I think about it, this post has no point except to say, I might have another switcher on my hands.

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