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2004-07-30, 01:02

Oh man Exposé is a killer for me. I don't know how I used to get by with out it now. Exposé alone breathes new life into an old computer. That is, after all, the biggest reason I use a Mac. I can work soooo much more efficiently than I can on a PC.

Then there is these key features:

•When there is an update, Its generally painless. If its a security update I know that when I restart my computer Its going to boot up and feel like nothing has change. Perfect. (I say generally because I have heard of some people having some pretty bad problems on various updates, even though I myself have not had any.)

•Drag and drop install of most apps. I LOVE IT. And the ones are not drag and drop usually don't require a restart anymore anyways. Boom. I'm sold.

•Last but not least, the beauty of design combined with ease of upgradeability. Its actually easier to install the upgrade than it is to find an upgrade to install. BUT when I do find one, Its nice to just pop open the side of my computer and slap it in and thats it with out wires and shit all over. I know some PCs are sexy on the inside too, Just none of the ones I have ever worked on..

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