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2005-03-02, 18:31

I know this is going to sound stupid, but i am wondering if anyone knows of a company that makes a plastic or rubber plug that will block off a usb port. I have found software that will disable ports and whatnot. That would be the ideal thing if i were trying to keep other people from plugging stuff into the ports, but I am really just trying to keep myself from plugging things into a usb port that somehow had the little plastic thing inside of it broken. Now that that is gone, the usb cable can be plugged in either way. While the port still works, I have a feeling that one too many "oops, other way" moments will bend up the contacts within the port. I don't guess it matters that I am wanting to stick this into a old ibook have. If someone knows of one of these things (if they exist), I want to know. I can always make it smaller and not stick out of the side of the computer too much.

I never thought i would seriously be asking about something like this.