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2013-11-23, 22:02

So I discovered the worst kept secret of the server today that the enderstone in the End has been harvested for quick cash by several players (I am now one, but I put the cash to good general purpose use, which I will get to in a second). Since the enderman island in the End is a finite resource and since I am in a trap building mood having just finished lighting up the cave systems under the location of the future communal overworld mob farm, I decided to make an xp/enderpearl/wealth generating farm in the End. Using my misbegotten cash, I constructed the farm at the far end of the long cobblestone path that you can see when you warp to the End. The farm is self-explanatory: punch ender, collect xp and enderpearl, sell enderpearl or keep (they are very useful for caving).*

The journey to the End is dangerous as is the farm -- your avatar will start to starve faster than you thought possible -- but what's a little risk to go along with an amazing award.

709 made the path to the farm immensely safer, built the enchantment room and donated a metric shitton of cobblestone for the pistons (and kept donating every time i fell off the tower and lost all of the pistons) -- send appreciation his way...

*The farm is based upon minecraft youtuber panda's design. Liberties were taken in making it slightly larger and more aesthetically pleasing.