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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-09-14, 09:27

That the smallest model is $699 is a bite. I still think it’s a perception thing with many. That mini maybe shouldn’t exist at Cadillac tire/pricing. It didn’t have to.

If its popularity is running behind the others, I don’t think it’s the size itself but the pricing for that size, which, right or wrong, people see as a down-step.

Those larger models were always in that general price range. Then they stuck the mini in there at that $699(!) and then scooted the “regular” size up another $100. The regular 12 would be wonderful at $699 and the mini at $599. I think that would've helped. W(hen)TF did the baseline "non-pro" iPhone get to be $800?!?

If they raise them all even [i]more[/] today, vs. maybe the other way around…good grief.

Will that mean the non-mini/non-pro iPhone 13 might be $899?! Screw that. How about putting something nice/flagship in that ~$600 range as you managed to do for years and years?

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