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2008-07-08, 17:45

Originally Posted by popantique View Post
I'm not really "going with" his dad as the designer; he just helped me. ... I don't really care to hire someone to do the cards, I'd rather do it myself and stumble a bit along the way but get them exactly how I like (I can be very type A.)
I can respect that... was just saying to keep your options open. Biz cards can be a first impression a lot of times; they're important.

Oh, ye gods. I really, really like the pink. (It's supposed to be that strawberry-imac-is-it-pink-or-red-shade.) I'm not blowing off the idea of other colors out of hand, I will definitely mess around with them, but there are just no others that I really like enough to want them to represent me. To me, the pink says "bright, energetic, youthful."
OK, except that the colors I'm seeing in your OP are nowhere near pink. I don't think my laptop monitor is that badly calibrated but then again maybe it is.

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