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2008-07-08, 21:19

Originally Posted by Moogs View Post
I can respect that... was just saying to keep your options open. Biz cards can be a first impression a lot of times; they're important.

OK, except that the colors I'm seeing in your OP are nowhere near pink. I don't think my laptop monitor is that badly calibrated but then again maybe it is.
I prefer the card design in the upper right also, but without the swirls through the lettering of your name. The color looks bright red-orange on my screen, with not the least hint of pink.

Also, of the colors you mentioned liking, I think charcoal, red and white would be nice; or, even better, maybe charcoal, medium-light grey and red. Maybe a card that's 1/3 medium-charcoal, 2/3 medium light grey, with red lettering.

That's infinitely more subdued than the colors in your original post, but a card like that would be classy and would go with the second outfit in the video. (I liked the outfit a lot, but it also looked great on that particular girl.)

But, really, the design of your card is *extremely* important, and it should speak for you 100%, since you are in the very business of design. The card will be like a small resume for everyone who sees it.

I would just advise that you try a few more subdued color combinations than simply so much red (or whatever color of pink it's supposed to be). But, in the end, if you love the red/pink, then that's what you should go with, because it will represent your taste most accurately.

You mentioned teal. I love teal. Teal and purple on light grey card stock would be nice. Maybe 1/3 teal, with a purple band, light grey for the rest of the card and maybe charcoal lettering.

Your designs are fun and it sounds like you have a great career in your future. Good luck with your decision.