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2010-05-16, 13:47

And the winner is:


I love the setup and composition of your bean salad photo. The wrought iron looking spoon handles and the wooden table make it feel somehow old, yet the rich variety of colors and contrast of the food and bowl bring the image to life and feel like it's right there ready for me to reach out and grab. The lighting is also spot-on. When/where did you take it? I was guessing maybe near a window in the morning hours, but then I'd expect shadows to be a little harsher.

Also, bonus points for serving up a photo that makes bean salad look appetizing to me despite my never having wanted/had a bean salad like this before.

Honorable mention goes to AWR's photo(s). You showed off a really lovely, elegant experience that anyone would be jealous of.

Most interesting dish goes to sebatlh's photo. I'm not sure whether that looks really delicious or really gross. I'm guessing it's one of those things that tastes a lot better than it looks. Advice for next time? Try photographing in whiter light, changing your camera's white balance setting, and/or add something to the photo complementary/opposite the color wheel of red because it looks like everything is washed with a red/purple hue.

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