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2011-02-01, 15:46

Originally Posted by Kraetos View Post
This conversation got me thinking. We should use the arena for deathmatches. I submit the following rules:

- Two men enter, one man leaves. You go in with no inventory.
- There will be 11 chests scattered across the arena, each containing a useful item. The items are: 2 stone swords, 1 iron sword, 2 leather chestplates, 1 iron chestplate, 2 bows w/ 3 arrows, 2 stacks of 10 arrows, and 1 bucket of lava.
- In addition, there will be 20 blocks of TNT scattered around the arena.
- All TNT and chests will be covered with gravel. You have to dig up the items and risk hitting TNT when you do.
- Spectators are encouraged to place bets. Iron, diamonds, lapis, clay, whatever you want to bet.

If there's no objection I'll set it up. Obviously if I set it up I can't duel, since I would know where the good items are.... so, do we have two volunteers?
Love it. I'd suggest sand as the chest covering so it blends better with the Arena floor. You'll find spare sand in the Arena Manager's office which is below the foyer - go through the door behind the hotdog stand.

I'm still working on the stands, but the Foyer is done, and the VIP Bar is nearly ready too. I'll need to add some iron doors (with switches on the outside only!) to the Arena Entrances and some chests for people to store their gear in there. Maybe In future I'll build a couple of dressing rooms at each end.

One question: Won't a bucket of lava be difficult to clean up afterwards?

I think there should be a cake in the middle of the floor too.

Bryson, I challenge you to a deathmatch for ownership of this clay
Ok, you're on.

We also need reporters at the Spawn to interview the loser: "I'm sick as a parrot, Dave."