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2011-02-03, 17:52

Ah, prep the floor with TNT and sand, not acquire some. (Well, I have plenty of TNT on hand now.)

Are chests, TNT, and (one) cake the absolute only things that will be on the floor? I noticed there's lava, TNT, bow and arrows, swords, and sand in the chest titled that of Kraeto's deathmatch. Are swords and bow & arrows being in the floor chests? Is the armor to be out on the floor, or is that strictly Kraetos' (in which cases, opponents can bring their own materials onto the floor, or not?)? I can go ahead and organize the floor, just want to know everything before I organize a wedding and the tables need to be rearranged.

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Since we seem to forget these things, someone needs to take video if it is tomorrow. I work all day.
Probably most of the other minecrafters wouldn't be available in the afternoon either...