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2011-11-25, 14:06

I added a new layer to the map: Overhead view. This will make it easier for screen capturing sections and such.

I'm likely going to move it to the 3rd layer rather than the first, but wanted it up front off the start so you guys could see it.

I've asked about the compass and if that will be updated and will post back once I get feedback.

Also, If you guys have any other feedback or request about the maps, let me know and we'll see if there is anything else we can do to make these maps better for us all.

Once I have confirmation about the server setup and we are stable with this world I will be setting up cron jobs to completely automate the map making process. I'm currently looking into setting the process to run the player positions every hour or maybe even half hour if I can without over taxing the server. This is a pet project, but hope I can do this during my Christmas break at school.

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