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2012-03-19, 23:09

Honestly Brad I'd love to donate to help keep things running. I'll take a look around on the forums to see if there's a donation thread or anything of that sort. Just for the record Etnie told me today that he also had some trouble posting the other day and stopped trying since it wouldn't go through. It was probably user error or his internet. I don't plan on bringing people on here that are just here to hang out with me on this server. I feel I brought on two people that would be a part of the community and at the minimum participate on forums and if they like help out whether it's donating or putting in code(I don't think either know coding at all lol). I was told blunt and straight forward by Turtle that we don't let strangers on just to be on when I first joined. That it's a community. I have a ton of friends on mc but none as good of quality as these two guys. I vouch hard for them. I guess I thought I was in the cool kids club but it hurts my heart to see I'm not... lol. I totally understand where everyone is coming from and I'd hate to see you leave Brad honestly. I think this is going farther than it was meant to go or should have went...