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2014-01-27, 15:48

I need about 5 stacks of each individual new flower, and since bone-mealing the ground and growing 10x more grass than flowers just wasn't cutting it, I've decided to build a handful of automatic flower farms. They're also for public use, of course, but if the bonemeal runs dry you'll have to refill the dispenser.

Simply flip the switch on and let the chest fill up to as much as you need. Turn off when done.

The mechanics are based on this, but I've redesigned it to make the growing area a bit larger and put the redstone clock underneath so the working guts weren't hanging off the ass-end.

The stairs on the right lead down into the bonemeal dispenser for refilling. It takes 2 bonemeal for every grow cycle because it's on the same circuit as the water (the water needs a redstone pulse to turn on and off), but whatever, bonemeal is cheap enough (especially once the trap gets back up and running ).

The one pictured above is at the NE portal, since Blue Orchids only grow in swamps, but I think I can make the other 5-6 work in the Flower Forest at the N portal. They may be spread out kind've wonky, but that's because specific flowers only grow/regrow in specific, small areas. I need to find good areas for each and build around them. If people like the farms and make use of them for dye as well as flowers maybe it'll be worth it to connect them via short skyways or something. We'll see if they're a hit or not.

Anyways, Blue Orchid is up and running for anyone that likes them or wants light-blue dye.

So it goes.