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2014-02-01, 14:52

The dye creation is also a great thing. Magenta is (was) such a pain to make, also light gray. So much easier.

For reference, insta-dyes available now: light blue*, magenta, light gray, pink, orange & red. That said, it's more efficient to go to the entrance of the Mart and bonemeal the tall flowers I placed there a while ago if you want large amounts of magenta and pink (plus red & yellow). 1 bonemeal gets you 2 dyes with those.

Anyways, I'm happy with these. It was a nice and easy distraction that I needed while I thought about what the new park rides would be and where to put them.

* at the Blue Orchid farm next to the NE portal. Alas, they only grow in swamps, so that's the one flower that can't be harvested in Flowerland.

So it goes.

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