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2016-01-30, 10:37

So, if iPhone growth is flat (by the way, 1 quarter is no indicator of growth/decline) and remains flat for the next, say 4 quarters, who would complain, other than the pundits? Apple's earnings over the past year are records, so if they only have a "flat" year, they would *only* tie the record for best year ever?

How horrible!

Oh, and those Apple TV/Watch businesses? The revenue generated by "other" is vastly superior to most Apple-sized company's P&L statements by itself. Short of Wall Street whiners, I can't think of a better trajectory outcome for Apple than to have a flat year. Just silly.

Those idiots have absolutely no idea what's going on inside Apple's labs.

"What have you done for me lately, Apple?"

What a terrible position to be in!

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