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2016-04-28, 11:55

Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post
IIRC, iOS 10 is being developed under a new model, based on backlash from the iOS 9 slowdowns on older hardware.

iOS 9: Build all the features, test them on old hardware, start culling the ones that don't work at all. Stop when it's 'ok'.

iOS 10: Build a baseline set, then add features incrementally on all hardware unless they don't work well.

See the difference? In the former, you start with a slow ass system, and then remove things until "Well that's better". In the latter, you start with a snappy system, and add things until "Well, hmm. This is starting to lag."

These two approaches do *not* end up in the same place. 'Better' and 'oops' are subjective and based on where you start out.

I have some hopes moving forward that older hardware won't suffer quite so much.
I thought that was the new approach for iOS 9?