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2016-11-16, 08:10

Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
Again, how does a photo book by a non-Apple employee (Andrew Zuckerman) adversely affect Apple's core business?

Is Apple's core business desktop PCs? Nope. At this point it's still iPhones because iPads are down and the Apple Watch never was. It's why iPhones will always be released around the beginning of October. Back-to-school PC sales opportunities would have been late July/August, which they missed.

Apple's future is murky, but if you're constantly complaining about how Apple isn't stuffing marginal Intel CPU updates into new desktops annually, then you're pretty much looking backward and not forward. It's like this entire forum is 10 years behind in some ways. Still complaining about PC hardware. Heh. You should be more worried that Apple has failed its autonomous car initiative. You should be pissed that Apple has failed to negotiate the big networks/cablecos (they're the same thing at this point.) You should be annoyed Apple (or anyone else) hasn't figured out touch on the desktop.
Couldn't we be upset about those things ANNNNNND be pissed that Apple can't manage to just update some internals on their PC line or update some software?

It is just sort of crazy how this is working out. It goes beyond lack of focus and into outright neglect. They don't even need to handle some of this stuff at this stage. They are so large they could simply have subcontractors handle it and say yes or no to a proposal. If they don't give a crap anymore just have Quanta or whoever else is building it just design it as well. We could be complaining about it being a little too PC like or whatever and have machines that are updates more than once every three or four years and by updated we don't mean new designs, we mean something as basic as a faster processor or larger HD.