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2018-07-10, 11:29

Originally Posted by drewprops View Post
… add features established by competitors.
Curiously, which features are those? Retina displays? NVME SSD? USB-C/Thunderbolt 3? 10-hour batteries? Massive Force Touch trackpads? Eliminating hopelessly unreliable legacy tech like Hard Drives and CD's? I am looking at the MacBook Pro's right now and can't find these "features established by competitors" that you mention. Perhaps you are talking about the random software feature here and there? The context of "Touch" tells me hardware is the question, tho.

I ask this in the context of laptop hardware, which appears to be your concern. However, I also have an iPhone X in my pocket, and in studying it I cannot find any "features established by competitors" in there either.

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