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2018-07-13, 11:36

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
The context of Drew's post was: "in the absence of true innovations, add features established by competitors." Since Apple does not use touchscreens in any of their Macs, they are not "adding features established by competitors" as relates to touchscreens. The rest of the industry is adding touchscreens to check a bullet off the list. "Look what we can do. Apple is doooooomed!" The point I am making is that Apple is actually working on those areas which make the computer faster, more reliable, lighter, thinner, better, rather than those areas which represent a pundit's checklist of "innovative new features". Since touchscreens are neither innovative nor new, adding it to a list of "new and innovative" is disingenuous at best.

Biggest laughing point for me is watching some dolt stab away at a 13" screen trying to hit MS Word mouse targets.

Stab stab stab

<switches to mouse and curses salesman>

Or watching someone reach up to swipe through a photo library while I calmly make a subtle swiping motion on the trackpad without having to raise my hands (or just tap the arrow key).

As I type this, I am experimenting with raising my hands to the screen to hit the Submit Reply button. Why would anyone want to do this?

I can understand POS systems (I used them for years in the hospitality industry) and maybe artists (although a vertical desktop screen is a terrible way to draw), but everyday computing on a laptop or desktop using touch is just horrible.

On a side note, we used to sell those modified touchscreen MacBooks (I think they were called ModBooks) that the pundits just raved about. They were terrible! In fact, they were worse than terrible. The OS simply is not designed for that; and an OS that is, is not a Mac. It's called an iPad.

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