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2019-01-31, 14:00

Originally Posted by Capella View Post
I think this would be the ideal, I just don't know how it would work out mechanically. The MBP keyboard base would have what, extra graphics and RAM and battery and processor?
Yeah, the big issue with convertibles is ultimately physics. Something close to be the above would be the Surface Book: when attached, it's basically a laptop, with the base not just containing the keyboard, but adding a beefier GPU and additional battery. When detached, the screen can act as a tablet of its own.

It kind of works, but the balance is all out of wack compared to other laptops, because the screen portion is by necessity a lot heavier and thicker than you'd expect it to be.

If you're into this, Microsoft (Surface), Lenovo (Yoga) and others have all sorts of approaches to this convertible problem. It's always a jack of all trades, though. It won't be the perfect tablet or laptop; it'll be something in between.