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2019-03-19, 12:17

There does seem to be some sort of disconnect at Apple when it comes to certain product lines. Both iPad and Mac have various systems that serve no real purpose other than to fill a price slot. I suppose Apple hopes people will say something like, "I have X dollars to spend. What can I get?" and an untrained Apple sales person will say, "oh, get this. It's right in your price range."

There are two laptops in the lineup that make no sense, and there is one iPad in the lineup that makes no sense. iPads, even more than Macs, fit into a simple argument: Either you need the power and should get an iPad Pro, or you don't and should get an iPad. The Air fills a price gap, but not a needs gap. It makes very little sense to me other than serving as a corporate up-sell.

The lineup for both Mac and iPad should be simple: Pro, and not pro. The "air" moniker is only confusing things. I was glad when Apple dropped the name from the iPad, but they just had to bring it back. I suppose because it sounds "thin and light". Except that there are both thinner and lighter in both Mac and iPad lineups.

It should just be "Pro" and "Everything else". 3 sizes to choose from. Move along now.

12" MacBook
14" MacBook
16" MacBook

12" MacBook Pro
14" MacBook Pro
16" MacBook Pro

iPad Mini
iPad Maxi

iPad Mini Pro
iPad Pro
iPad Maxi Pro

Simple lineup. Choose whether or not you need power or not, then choose a screen size. If you "need" a pro model for solitaire, I'll be happy to sell it to you. Just give me the option.

I regularly sell 15" MacBook Pros to customers who need an Air but want a larger screen. Having to pay $1200 for a larger screen is silly. Same goes with iPads. There used to be a very distinct "Pro" line, and a very distinct "consumer" line. Those lines no longer exist. It is becoming confusing for the customer, which is no good.

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