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2019-06-01, 15:43

Originally Posted by turtle View Post

See, I get that they can't make as much cash by forcing every user into buying every upgrade through Apple directly. The thing about many Mac users is they are willing to pay the premium to not have to mess with it. That's part of the whole "just works" mindset. And the concept that we aren't already overpaying just to have the Apple logo on our hardware is laughable.

I mean, yeah people like me and PB PM aren't going to pay Apple's tax for RAM or other components. I'm sure we would be limited by a CPU and accompanying chipset though. So we are back to something like the mini where we can upgrade the RAM, storage and now graphics. They will say CPU is off limits even though it's not different than any other Intel based system.

I helped out an old church I went to long ago with a power supply for an early Intel Mac Pro. Apple said the PSU wasn't user serviceable/replaceable. It was, just more complicated to do than changing out one in a PC tower. I think I had to pull the logic board out to get the PSU out. It's that kind of design that will keep Apple controlling as much as possible and thus the follow on income of servicing out of warranty service on otherwise good machines.
I don't understand what you're trying to say. Apple should provide more modular computers so we can put our own components in, but we actually won't, pinky swear?

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
This of course brings up Apple's real income maker, service and services. The hardware is icing on the cake. They make their money keeping us on the hook with paid iCloud upgrades, Apple Music, iTunes in the Cloud and soon even a credit card.
While services is a fast-growing part of their revenue, their "real" income maker continues to be hardware, by a long shot.