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2019-06-03, 11:25

* Skip *

Ok. What's coming, today?

Mac OS 10.15
iOS 13
TV OS 13 or 6 or whatever it's called
Watch OS 6
More Swift things that will blow somebody's mind

One more thing … Mac Pro tower, and Phil Schiller will urinate on the tech media.

I am guessing that Craig Federighi will make some jokes about the new Mac OS name, certainly something about pot or getting stoned somewhere in the mountains and having a "vision" or something crazy. I am guessing there will be no less than 15 different types of humans shown at the exhibit. Most of them will be woefully unprepared, but they will definitely drone on and on about their little nugget of software excellence.

iTunes will get dissected, decimated, trimmed, and deleted and we will all wonder what is going to happen to our respective media servers. Podcasts, Apple TV, and Music will arrive in the hands of some random presenter we have never heard of before.

Federighi will take a funky picture of himself and giggle.

That Watch OS dude will drive me bats.

There will be additional chatter about Apple's vision for Apple TV+. Hopefully, Oprah will not make an appearance.

The Mac Pro will be awesome, but tech nerds worldwide will stomp their feet because they cannot install their SCSI drives or Radeon 7200 GPU. I mean, their old PC can do it!

Finally, a random singer/songwriter will sing a song I have never heard before, and will never hear again.

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