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2022-02-08, 09:45

I found a method that works well for finding last month!
$ previousMonth=`nowmonth=$(date +%Y-%m) && date -d "$nowmonth-15 last month" '+%Y%m'` $ echo $previousMonth 202201
I forgot to save a link to the original post that provided the details on how to do this. This is great because it does what I need and doesn't have to run on the 1st and I can stagger the days the month long one runs. I could likely clean this up and shorten it, but for now it is really to show off the ability I found.

The next big thing I've got to figure out is how to build a one year time lapse. Currently there are 1440 images for a day and that makes a 60 second video for a day. I'm thinking I'll do that same for the year long time lapse so we can see the year go by in 60 seconds.

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