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2022-04-25, 15:32

Crazy rich megalomaniac takes public company private... probably not a good thing. Personally, I never gave a warm shat about twitter anyway, but I do care about how platforms traffic in information and the consequences that has for societal understanding of issues. We've seen how social media can supercharge disinformation even where legit sources congregate in the same platforms as less well schooled and perhaps less honest brokers.

I always thought it was weird how government and public institutions interacted with social media platforms anyway. The need, real and perceived, to reach out to constituencies over social media platforms seemed fraught with issues - in ways that differed in comparison to the mechanisms utilized for communicating through "the press" and TV/Radio.

It has users (and their data), and content publishers/posters (and their data). I don't know enough about valuing these things (clearly) but my guess is that the value comes from curating the experience in a way that attracts users. Too little restriction or too much would both conceivably effect its capacity to attract users in different ways, but we'll see. I usually take a pass on "Elon says blah blah whatever about xyz..." type news stories. He's not terribly interesting to me, but what he thinks about truth and accuracy of information and freedom of speech are suddenly relevant. hmmm...