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2022-08-09, 02:00

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
I just ordered 32GB of EEC RAM for my NAS. Not sure why I didn't do it sooner... but now is better than never.

Apparently Synology will nag you about not using their branded RAM, but it functions completely normally. I'll have to keep the original stuff just in case there is an issue I have to officially supported RAM for troubleshooting.
Word of caution, I did a big RAM upgrade on an old Synology and while it "detects" the full module, the CPU couldn't actually address that much. When I hit the RAM threshold, Plex would send garbled transcodes to users. I have no idea if that would happen to my data so I plopped the original RAM back in, scrubbed the drives, and everything went fine.

I don't know if your specific model has that limit though.

The Synology memory check didn't find anything wrong with either module. And yeah, I got the nag too. (And for a bunch of hard drives/m.2 SSD's)

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