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2019-07-10, 02:02

Can we whack the “iPad” now, maybe bumping the entry price of the Air down by $50 or something to make the iPad line make sense too?

Notebook: One consumer line and one pro line, check.
iMac: One consumer line and one pro line, check.
Headless: One consumer line and one pro line, check.

iPad: Confusion in the mainstream part of the line. Ideally, consumer side has one standard and one mini size, and pro side stays like it is now. Support for both Pencil generations across the board would be nice too, since right now it’s basically a “does your iPad have a Touch ID home button? Gen 1 Pencil. If not, Gen 2” situation.

Some think the iPod Touch should be killed off, but I like keeping it around. It would be nice if it actually, you know, had Touch ID added, but I guess they have a surplus of OG home buttons to use up.

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