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2019-07-10, 04:34

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
It's possible that the "16" MB Pro" rumored to be on the way will have a different keyboard design. However, rumors floating signaled a new MacBook Air was on the way in the fall that had a scissor keyboard. Today's announcement seems to put that rumor to rest. It is highly doubtful that Apple would announce another new MB Air 3 months after this refresh. Although Apple has released new systems 6 months apart, the development cycle for current systems does not need to support that. A new keyboard will require an entirely new chassis, which means a full redesign. That is unlikely so close together.

I can see a new chassis being introduced on a new high-end system, though. Just not on a refreshed thing so close.
Going by Intel's roadmap, I don't see either happening.

The 16-inch Pro could really only offer a speedbump, CPU-wise. The next nice upgrade, Comet Lake-H, isn't scheduled until Q2. (And no, it still won't be 10nm.)

As for the Air, yup.

Which is kind of interesting, because Ice Lake-Y is launching just a few months from now. My guess: Apple isn't that confident Intel can deliver it at scale, so they chickened out and went with the much safer 14nm option.