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2019-07-10, 15:43

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Well, yeah, I'm not really talking about "permanent login". However, when I sit down to my system and login, I shouldn't then also have to immediately login to System Preferences, then iTunes, then the App Store, then the iBooks Store, etc. Seriously, that is the way it currently works. Every single one of these apps requires a separate login. I've just logged in with my admin password, and my Apple ID. Within 30 seconds, I shouldn't have to type these in again, or even use my fingerprint. Same thing on iPhone. Once in 30 seconds is enough for crying out loud! Face ID to log in, then 30 seconds later Face ID to purchase an App, then 30 seconds later to purchase a song, then …

It's a broken system that isn't very well thought out. I think Apple is thinking to post-apocolyptic, here.
How often do you run into this scenario, though? You only need to log into System Preferences for security-critical preferences. Any prankster colleague can turn on Dark Mode with pink accent on your machine.

And surely you just leave iTunes, App Store, Books logged in?

What I find far more concerning are those global, modal alerts in iOS that ask for your Apple ID but don't tell you anything about which app is asking or why. That's not great.