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9" monochrome
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2006-12-14, 22:05

Some really nice shots in this thread too, btw. I'm enjoying seeing 'em.

turtle - I'm quite envious that you're studying photography. You must be loving it! Scorned is a killer shot. I hate looking at it, but I'm drawn to it too.

stevegong - that ballet girl photo (can't recall where I saw it now) was timeless. I also like the one with the reflection in the water. I usually revel in a break with symmetry, but agree with turtle that the trees on the right are a bit too distracting in this instance, for my tastes.

GSpotter - love shots of the homeland. I haven't been there myself yet.

PowerDoc - nice to see you posting here. I really like the jazz shot - something about ambient lighting and capturing an artist in action pleases me. It's funny though, as we don't see many shots of writers at their manuscripts or painters at the canvas. I want to get into concert photography myself. I need to see more gigs and bring the camera along.

Noel - really love the colours and composition of those four shots. Simple and clean.

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