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2006-12-14, 22:20

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Thanks for the tips. I'll try that out next time I do close-up nature shots.

Unfortunately, this specific tree is three hours away.
Like Mac+ says, get out and shoot. It's one of the best ways to learn.

In my class we used a textbook that is openly available and really helps you to understand the basics of photography from a technical camera standpoint. While it talks about different "rules" and composition ideas, it's focus is camera usage. "Complete Digital Photography, Third Edition" by Ben Long. ISBN 1-58450-356-4. Well worth the $40 retail. You will learn a lot from going through this book. We didn't use the whole book for our class, but we used it for very technical basic camera skills.

*Sidenote; I use a Rebel XT too. Though I have plans for a 5D, I dream for a 1Ds Mark II.

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