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2006-12-23, 17:08

What a wonderful shot. I can't imagine living in such an incredibly cool-looking place like this. To find anything remotely resembling this in America, you'd have to break out construction tools and hammer up a movie set. You are *so* lucky.

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My hometown around sunset:
I simply *adore* this second shot. I think every single thing about is just absolutely STUNNING!

The light and color contrasts, the composition, the variation in textures, the earthen red, the mottled ceiling, the stark white pillars, the smoothness and reflection of the water, the beam of light. Just... Wow!

I used to do a lot of photography, and hadn't realized till looking at this photo just how very much I miss the pleasure of putting together a stunning shot like this one. To capture such perfect beauty on film means that you can keep it forever and enjoy it anew at any time. How many things in life can you say that about? Not too many, I'd say.

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