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On Pacific time
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2006-12-30, 13:33

I like these two. The first, because sunrise (sunset?) is a stunning time of day; the shot has nice clarity; and I like the contrast of the sky with the darkness of the ground, and the sun's intense brilliance sandwiched in between.

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This second shot is just fantastic! Wow. I really think it's fascinating. For one thing, the conveyor looks like a golden bridge to heaven... that just ends in mid-air. Oops!

The steel and the lights are lovely and artistic, with the man-made, almost lacy structure so perfectly dividing the darkness of the sky from the lightness of the earth.

It's ironic that this visually-appealing creation is for the purpose of moving... dirt. Juxtaposing the intricate fabrication of man versus the ancient plainness of the earth. Okay, I'll shut up now.

You know what, I think you should get a nice print of the last shot, frame it, and present it to your boss (or the company president ) as a gift. It wouldn't cost you too much, and would be a nice (suck-up) gesture.

If 'scads' of people loved it, you could offer prints for sale, rake in the cash, retire young and go live on an island in the South Pacific.

Okay... maybe not.