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Dorian Gray
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2007-01-13, 22:29

ShadowOfGed, your last photo: those are Peter Werth moccasins! I had a pair of those a few years ago, right down to the colour. 'Course I didn't ruin them by tucking awful blue jeans under the tongue. WHY do people do that?! Number one rule for wearing trousers, any trousers, with shoes, any shoes: let the leg fall over the top of the shoe. Else you look like an ungainly clown. While you're at it, make sure the colour of the socks matches the trousers, not the shoes: the goal is elegance, not big-foot. The guy in the photo has also decided to fold up half the leg... (No offence if this is your best friend, by the way.)

Phoenix, I like your third shot best; love the back-lit dust streaming off the truck's back. The golden light and golden dust is also very appropriate for a gold mine. Nice shot.

julesstoop, your shooting is good enough to deserve a better camera with lower noise, sort it out man!

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