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Dorian Gray
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2007-02-01, 17:37

turtle2472, your tower photos are a bit like colour versions of the 1920s stuff when photographers were just getting used to the new Art Deco skyscrapers (Empire State Building, etc.) that were springing up, and therefore taking lots of photos of them. You've got a funky colour look going on in the one you posted to this thread: is that just the early sunshine or a bit of PS? I like the palette, reminds me a little of early Ektachrome that's starting to fade a bit.

What do you think of this guy's photos? He starts off with a great idea, decently executed (her eye is just starting to close, instinctively ), and then it sort of peters into a studenty, badly-edited collection of photos, a few of which are excellent and many of which show real talent. Just a young photographer whose stuff I came across a couple of days ago.

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